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I do not read these everyday, but I do look at a lot of these from time to time. Some are friends, and some I have never met, but love their writing and reading about their lives. Their openness, honesty, and challenging views in life are good for me. I love seeing the raw in people, and I love people who can show the rawness of their hearts while glorifying the Lord in the midst of it… I hope that I can do the same… Take a look if you’d like.

Sweet Darcie

Ann Voskamp

Katy M.

Alece R.

Robert S.

Emily W.

Lana K.

Jen P



Naomi S.

Gab N.

Paula S.

Emily S.

Jeff D.

Andrea C.

Paula S.

Kelli W.


Denise F.

Mandy C.


2 responses

15 12 2011

Yes, I got off of FB. It has been quite a while now… I am so happy about it! I was excited to read about how the Lord is changing you! Many blessings!

28 06 2012

Hullo, Dre! Thank you so much for wonderfully sweet comment you left on my blog a while back!
I shall be keeping up with your blog as well, now that I know it is here. It’s truly lovely, and you seem like a fabulous person yourself!

stay lovely-happy,

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