14 06 2016

a few years ago i heard
the story for the first time
about God’s chosen people,
the isrealites, who wandered
in the desert for forty years.

forty years.

they were slaves who had
been delivered from serving
a master,
but they were not walking
and living in full freedom.

they wandered.

for forty years.

i’ve heard a lot of
people’s stories,
and i’ve listened and cried
with them.
my heart aches,
because i feel this sense
that many of us are living
just like that.

still wandering.
still feeling lost.
still choosing not to listen to Him.
still angry.
still hurt and absolutely broken.

there are so many people
who are delivered from so many
different issues yet
still not fully free.

sometimes you sit and think
the darkness can’t get any darker,
but it does.
the pain can’t possibly hurt any deeper,
but it does.
the tears couldn’t possibly still keep coming,
but they do; by the bucket load.

your journey may have been this
past year,
or it’s been three
or twelve
or sixteen
or twenty-five.

the number doesn’t matter.

what matters is,
no matter how long you’ve been
waiting and barely trusting in Him–

hold on.

one good thing i can say,
is being in this for that long
means you’ve got something;
it’s a sliver of a sliver of hope.

hold onto that. 

it doesn’t have to be a lot.
most days mine feels like
a sliver of a sliver and
that’s all He asks from me.

no matter the depth
of your doubt and pain,
keep holding on.
keep pushing through.
keep fighting.

redemption is always the
ending of His stories.





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