5 07 2016

my greatest fear
is that You are not

that You will not be able
to satisfy the deep longings
of my heart.
i struggle to believe that
you will redeem all the lost
and broken pieces of my soul
that have shattered and scattered
along this journey.
i struggle to believe that life
can be full.
not the busy full,
but the absolute and
deeply satisfying kind of full.
i struggle to believe that You
genuinely have a plan for my life.
i struggle to know that even
through the valley of the shadow
of death,
You are still God and You are
still good.

i struggle to choose You
over the sickness of my flesh.
i struggle to even want You,
because hope feels so far away.
and because of this fear,
i constantly am caught up in
the tensions between my
spirit and flesh.


through it all,
i do believe
You are all i want.
You are all satisfying.
You are my peace and my greatest
joy when all the world around me
grows dim.
You are the constant Light that
guides me through the valley.
You are the well-spring of life
that nourishes and flourishes
my longing soul.
You are the water that quenches
the never ending thirst for more.
You are the feast that satisfies the
hunger that runs deep in my bones.
You are steady.
You are good.
You are true.

You are good.
with clenched fists
You are good.
with a tear-stained hope
You are good.
through the darkest days
You are good.

You are good.

You are good.

You are good.





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