Talitha Koum

Talitha Koum comes from the Bible in Mark 35:34-43. The family thought their little girl was dead, but Jesus said that she was only asleep. He took her hand and said, “Little girl, I say to you, get up.” And she got up and walked.

This is a story that the Lord has spoken to my life personally. Most of my spiritual journey has been living in a very mediocre, lazy way. Many times, God has brought this story to mind, and reminded me that I need to just get up, because He is the One leading me, if only I would put my trust and faith in Him, and nothing but Him. My joy is found in Christ because He conquered the grave. He drank the cup of His Father’s wrath, to save my soul from eternal damnation… all He asks of me to do is to simply get up, and follow Him and allow Him to lead me in my journey.


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