12 07 2016

the grand canyon
resides within your
own heart which becomes
more and more
impossible to fill.
it seems to be the forever
echo of who you are.
it taunts you everywhere you go.
you find yourself trying to
climb the endless walls
in order to find a foundation to
set your wobbly knees,
but as soon as everything
is at your fingertips,
it just crumbles
and again
and again
and again…

but i remember a time,
through a black and white screen
He scooped up the shattered heart
from those tiny little hands,
and opened up my chest
and replaced it with the most
beautiful, precious red ruby heart
a girl had ever seen
and then He gently closed my chest
back up.

He had given me a brand new heart.

His heart. 

and because of that,
as i stand here in the lonely
desert once again…
i still believe not in a mirage,
but in a miracle;
the flood gates will find
their way to this desolate soul.
love will rush in through all
the broken cracks and fill
every lost part of me.
joy will be the echo off these
canyon walls that will bring
them crashing down.
and when the collision of all
this has come to an end,
i will be standing on a foundation
of peace.
a foundation that will no longer
be rocked.
a foundation that will
see dark days and desert lands…

but there will be a peace that
keeps my feet firmly planted,
and i will stand in victory
for i will know who i am.

and my echo will be nothing
but repeating His name.

for He has conquered all.





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