6 06 2017

” life is like an onion, you peel it one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.” 
             {carl sandburg}

i’ve mentioned the above quote
a time or two.
it is one of my all time favorites.

i’m all about digging deeper,
peeling back the layers
and discovering what’s underneath.
as we all know the last few years
have been a painful process-
just read my previous posts…

but last week i sat in my
therapists office–
we were at the end of my session
and i hadn’t even cried!
then all of a sudden
i looked up at her and said
“man. i sure have come a long way.
i am so proud of myself.”

then i sobbed.

happy tears. sad tears.

then i realized,
healing is in layers too.
growth is in layers.
and we bloom in layers.
we become who we are
a little bit at a time.
it takes time to plant the seeds,
water them,
let the light shine on them,
water them some more…
but eventually the growth happens.
and just as a flower blooms…

so will i.

there’s beauty to be seen
as you step back and look
with awe and wonder
the road you’ve travelled on.
don’t be discouraged
if you’re in the middle of a storm…
those storms help you grow.

keep going friends,
brighter days are always coming.




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