On The same team

23 11 2011

A week ago today I came home from an awesome five-day vacay to Tuscon Arizona. Seriously an incredibly encouraging, challenging five days! First off, Tuscon is pretty cool. My eyes were trying to adjust to the gorgeous mountains that surrounded the city. It is just a new perspective that our God is so big.

I was able to have the opportunity to go visit my spiritual ‘Mum n Daddy’. The Lord really has blessed me with having them in my life. It totally was not easy at first, but I am thankful that they did not give up on this incredibly stubborn girl! The first year and a half that they have known me, was probably quite a challenge. As we were able to sit and talk about the ‘old Dre’, I had to laugh and just feel so bad for them! But definitely laugh about it. hu-ho!

I think about the many times we hung out since the very first time they met me. I cried a ton. I hated a lot of people. I hated going to church. I hated talking about the gospel. I cussed a lot. I cussed at the scriptures they would share. I think my only arguments I could ever come up with were the same; That’s dumb. That’s stupid. That’s B.S. haha, not very solid I can tell you that. I just wanted to stir up trouble and disagree because I felt I had the freedom to do that for once. I am so thankful that the were very loving, sometimes quite firm, but loving and patient through many conversations.

Now talking with them. There is, *relief.* I do not argue. I get so excited to tell them how I think I am learning and growing. I wanted to talk about nothing but the Bible and what I thought was cool that I had just learned or how the gospel continues to amaze me. I couldn’t wait to go to their church, and meet their Christian friends. I feel like we are on the same team now! I am still so little in my faith, but so willing and eager to grow and wanting to be as teachable as possible. I feel like many of my friendships have changed, and I am understanding what I was being told the last year and a half about the gospel. It makes sense to me. I am so thankful that they stuck around even when they wanted to quit, and are now able to see their many seeds of prayer and tears that were sown, are now beginning to blossom. I am thankful that the Lord finally made my heart able to understand and be open to the gospel. It might have taken 24 years, but now I have the rest of my life to share it! 24 years is nothin’.

Mum n Daddy. I love you so much. I am so thankful that I can call you that, and that it means so much to me. I am thankful that you were so patient in dealing with me. I am thankful that you continued to pour into me, even in those super hard times, and I am so thankful that you continued to allow the Lord to use you, even when I was a huge brat. Thank you for trusting and obeying Him, and for being a constant for me to look at your example of Christ and how He totally loves us! You are just a glimpse of how Christ loves and deals with me. Thank you for recognizing the importance of sharing the gospel a billion and one times to me. I am now continuing to share the gospel a billion and one times to myself. I know that Jesus is the one who ultimately saved me, but in a lot of ways, I feel like you helped truly point me to Christ. Not that others never did, but for some reason you were different in your approach. I think in a lot of ways, you helped lead me to the Lord, in a genuine and real way. I am thankful for the way you have ‘trained’ me as a babe in Christ. Thank you for continuously pointing me to the Word, and showing the desperate need and importance of scripture for my one and only solid foundation. Jell-O no more! hu-ho! I totally appreciate your continued prayers and support and encouragement to be running after Christ as hard as I can and to keep the eternal perspective in mind! We are ‘forever friends’. I hope the Lord continues to grow us so much closer now that we are running this race together. I am glad I can stand with you in the next years praying and encouraging however I can. I love you two so very much. I already miss sitting in the backseat watching one of my favorite views. Excited for this new season in all of our lives. Excited to continue to see the faithfulness of the Lord and to receive the many blessings and to continue to allow the gospel to sink deeper and deeper as our hearts swell bigger and bigger to share the good story! Thank you for loving me. There’s a lot of thank you’s in this, and I am so glad that we have a God to give thanks to for ALL of this! Our relationship ultimately points back to Christ! That is the coolest thing about our story! Anytime I talk about y’all, it is nothing but giving thanks to the Lord, because it would not have been this way without Him! So thankful that a year and a half ago, He heard or rather, put a desire inside the heart of a girl who worked at Olive Garden and wanted ‘THAT couple’ to pour into my life… and He did just that. I would never have dreamed we would have gone through what we have, and end up where we are, and I am excited what the years have in store….

Thank you for a super encouraging time. Here are a few snapshots of our superb weekend! Lots of these make me laugh because there are jokes in them. hu-ho Chachiiiiii!