Jesus is…

12 04 2016

our church is going through
a series called
“Jesus is…”

sometimes it’s so easy
to focus on what God
isn’t for me
or what I want Him
to be for me that
i lose sight of who He is.

though i may need
here and now,
like- right. now.
He doesn’t work on
my time frame or on
my commands.

the three words
i’ve chosen so far on
who Jesus is to me are


He is enough for me
in the here and now,
even when i don’t think
i have all those things i
feel that i need
right now.
He was enough for me when
i thought i had it all together
at least on the outside,
and it seemed like life
was going well for me.
and i must believe that He
will be enough for me
during the season of stripping.
where all i had
was taken away, completely.
and He continues to strip away
so many things that i want
to hold onto so tightly.
i know He is trying to teach me
that even if i have absolutely
nothing in this world,

He. Is. Enough.

He has been my provider
in the most insane ways
the last year.
in any way possible,
He has provided all my needs.
even when i thought,
how am i going to get through
this emotionally, financially,
physically, spiritually?
He provided the means and
the strength.
He not only paved a way for
my shaky feet to walk,

but He parted the red sea
just. for. me.

and He is so incredibly patient.
i don’t typically see this
directly from Him necessarily.
most of the time i see it through
those other people,
who are Jesus with skin on…
those are the ones who have
lavished me with patience when
i so deserved everything but that.
when the olive branch has been
extended time and again.
when love chose to look past
the mistakes and failures.
when gentleness was the action
of redirection and guidance.
when the waves of grace
would come in those moments
i thought i was going under…
i never went under,
but i was completely covered
and swimming in grace.

i continue to see these
three things in Him
as He is preparing me for the next
leg of the journey.
i see how He is swooping in,
here at the last second,
when i thought it was over,
i’ve screwed it all up…

that’s the Jesus that i follow.
that’s the Jesus i see in my life.
and i hear it ringing and echoing
in the lives around me.

sit for a moment.
look at the course your
life has taken,
and where do you see Jesus?
what does He mean to you
and what has He written about
Himself in your story?

it’s humbling when you take
the time to really sit, reflect
and accept who Jesus is,
instead of being consumed
by who you think He isn’t.

“Freedom isn’t the absence
of something. Freedom is the
presence of Someone.”






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