the top.

25 03 2016

we are all climbing
our own mountain.
whether these mountains
are finding the way
out of the pit with

and the list goes on
and on and on.

the past three or so
i’ve been climbing my
own mountain.
i would have glimpses of
feeling like i was almost there,
only to look up
as the clouds would break a little
and i would see that the top
actually was not in sight.
i genuinely thought i would be
on this mountain-climbing journey
F O R E V E R.
literally, forever.
i knew no other life than
the one i had settled for.

the last few months,
i hit a pretty big low.
i was sinking and could
barely keep my chin
above water.
i was drowning in my
fears and insecurities.
i was obsessed with
negative thoughts about
how terrible i am
how i’ll never be enough
and that i’ll be like this forever.
no one else could do anything
to convince me to
snap out of it or save me or
to even fully understand
where i was.
i was clamming up and
closing in.
the dark was getting darker
quickly and i knew…
‘ this is it. it’s over.’

until a few days ago.
i saw this painting below,
and God spoke to me clearer
than day.
you see,
i’ve been obsessed with
mountains the last few
years since i started this
mountain-climbing journey.
when i saw this painting
i heard Him say
‘the view from the
top is so beautiful!’

and that’s it.
all of a sudden,
out of nowhere–
something in my
brain clicked!

i cried because i
had forgotten the reason
i ever began to climb this
mountain in the first place!
i forgot theres a rhyme
and reason to everything.

i remembered those words
‘ ’til we summit’.
though i have had amazing
friendships during my journey,
He is the ultimate strength
that will allow me to ever
make it to the top.
and He is the one who is with
me until i summit.

i love that perspective.
til i summit this mountain.
because there will always
be a next, then the next and the next
and the next;
until we summit our mountains
on this earth,
He is with us when our final
summit is conquered and
when we will rejoice
with Him eternally.

and for that reason alone,
these mountains are
totally worth the fight
sweat and tears!

you can do this friends.
through all the heartache
and pain.
the victory has already been won.
our view from the top
is so so very much worth it!

keep climbing.
don’t stop.
and if you do,
just make sure you choose
to keep going.

you. can. do. it.


ps. dope painting by Cory Windland. He’s got some rad stuff! Find him on FB.




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