16 03 2016

there’s a new
season on the horizon.
i can feel the winds
blowing through,
and change is a’comin.

this one is for those
sinking under the
waves of it all,
lost in the trenches
unable to get back up.
the ones who’ve had
victory over your life,
may i remind you–
you still have it.

it is still yours.

it may not look like it,
because of the lies
that you are hearing,
the overwhelming thoughts
and emotions that come
crashing in…
all of it tells you differently.

but you fought for your life
once before

and i believe you can do it again.
and again.
and again.

i know that you know this
couldn’t be the end.
i know that you know that
this is seasonal,
but right now there seems
to be no light at the end of
the tunnel
no life preserver floating by.

but hear me on this.

He is still good.
and you are not alone.

i promise you there
are days that are coming
where you will breathe a little
and i mean deep, big breaths
of fresh, life-giving air.

i promise you there are
days where you will stand there,
and it will all of a sudden hit you
that you finally made it to
the top.
you finally have conquered
just like He promised you would.

i promise you there are days
ahead where you will sit
across another soul,
spilling their life guts
and you will joyfully listen
and be able to look into their eyes
and say ‘i understand. i’ve been there too.’

i promise you there are
days ahead,
where you will wake up,
with a mission for your day,
with confidence that cannot be shaken
and you will have that spring in your step.
you will have meaning and purpose
for your life.

so right now,
when everything is closing in
and there doesn’t seem to be
an end?
when you walk around your
daily living with a smile,
yet inside you’re completely
going under?
when you’re alone at night
and can’t seem to stop
the aching sobs and the
doubts come creeping in that
this is it, it’s over.
when you sit there sitting in the
midst of all the broken pieces and
all the questions of how
did it end up like this?

you’ve gotta remember:
it hasn’t ended up like this.

it’s not over yet.

take one baby step.
and take it well.
then take the next.
slow and steady,
this isn’t a race.

this is a process of refinement.
be gentle with yourself.

you. can. do. this.





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