8 03 2016

i love to ignore
push ’em aside,
or deep down inside.
out of sight,
out of mind.
yeah right.

the problem is,
those things always find
their way back up to
the surface.
in one way or
it’ll find its way out.

but beauty has
a way of doing
that as well.

in the midst of
this transition season,
i have been overwhelmed
and my head and heart
have been filled
with so many questions
and doubts and
fears and uncertainties.

i’ve had this pressure
on myself lately
to pretend it’s all good.
i got this.
i don’t need help,
i’m stronger and better,
but the truth is…
we always need help.
we always need people.

and you’re not weak for asking. 

this season has been
raw and messy.
a lot of ugly things have
come from it,
a lot of darkness i held
has bubbled to the top.

but so has beauty.

that’s what i love about
in the midst of the
dark and
lonely messy places,
beauty tends to find
it’s way to the surface.

i believe that if you
scratch the surface
long enough,
it doesn’t matter what
ugly things are lying
right below,
beauty is always intertwined
with it.

don’t be afraid to
sink below the surface

beauty will always
out stand and outshine
the ugly.





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