17 01 2016

we are not meant
to be an island.

being back and
finding a rhythm with
my people is good for me.

although there is always
that constant pull
that i need to do this on
my own.
i’ve grown and i’m stronger
and i don’t need people
as much.

but i’m so wrong.
we all are.
isolation is one of the enemy’s
biggest tactics.
if he can corner you,
and get you alone
that’s where he whispers
all those lies.
that’s where the seeds get planted
that you’re a loser.
you’re not enough.
you’re ugly and fat.
no one really likes you.
you’re a charity case.
you’re stupid.
you aren’t changed.
you’ll never ‘get there’.

i know you know this
scenario all too well.
but when you gather
your people,
or as i like to call
‘my team’…
they counter those lies
with truth.
they speak who i am
straight into the darkness,
and all of a sudden the
dark doesn’t feel so
and lonely anymore.

i am different.
i am stronger.
i have more confidence,
but i haven’t arrived.
no one has.
we still need each other.
we still need not only
those pouring into us
but we need to be
in the active process of
the pouring of ourselves
and emptying ourselves
into others.

there needs to be an equal
give and take.

i’ve moved 18 times
and i never want to move
again simply because of
these people.
my community.
they’ve become like family.
they love unconditionally.
they encourage when i need it.
they kick me in the butt when
i strongly deserve it.
they speak light and life into
my very being.
they listen to all my rants
and irrational thoughts.
and the best part is,
i get to do that with them.
i’m allowed into their own
journeys and hard places.
it’s not all about me,
but it’s about them too.

i care deeply for my team
and i know it is 100% reciprocated.

don’t do life alone.
you’re missing out on
such a beautiful gift of
doing life with others.

so thankful for this crazy
mix of women
( and the few that were missing).
couldn’t have made it this far
without all of your love and support.





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