15 01 2016

how do you eat
an elephant?


and this is where
i am.

i’m learning how
to navigate life

i’m learning as
i type,
how ironic this
analogy truly is.

in life,
we get so overwhelmed
with all the ifs, ands & buts.

we stand as the
train is coming right
at us
and we freeze.
we simply forget
we have two feet
and can MOVE.

we get so immobilized
by fear,
we forget that we can
be active in the fight.
we forget we have a choice
in the matter
and we don’t have to be
run over by the train.

the enemy wants us to
believe that we’re
strapped and tied down
by the rope and
couldn’t possibly move…

but in reality,
he’s just chained us
down by our own
lies and fears and insecurities.

and we can change that.
i’m learning and reminding myself
i’ve conquered these things
and even if i haven’t-
because some of it, i haven’t;
i’ve conquered enough other
territory in my life
that gives me the strength
to conquer this stuff.

it’s all the same stuff
it just has a different
name and face.
it all stems from the enemy
trying to distract and keep me
tied down in order to not live
the free and fullest life that i
know we are all promised.

i cling to that verse in
john 10:10
‘the thief comes to steal
kill and destroy BUT, He came to give us life,
and to give it to the fullest….”

i began to see life in its abundance.
i’m experiencing new things.
i’m seeing life a bit more clearer.
i’m feeling loved a bit more
i see His goodness in everything.

it blows me away.
i’m remembering to
just breathe.
to take it one step,
one bite at a time.

don’t get overwhelmed by
those elephants in your life.
stop. ask for clarity.
pick a spot,
and start there.

He is so faithful,
i am continuing to see it
moment by moment in my life,
it’s ridiculous.





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