10 01 2016

i tend to equate
tears with weakness.
im a crier though.
through and through.

this morning as i was driving
i was thinking of the
last two days.
they have been a
roller coaster of tears.
in between moments of
remembering to breathe,
remembering im in the battle
i realized three things.

not only am i in the battle,
but i am
N O T alone.
i am
P R E S E N T (and active)
in fighting.
and my tears are not
my weakness.
my tears are now
such a beautiful indicator
of my growth.

i realized my emotions
and tears have not formed
from the depths of brokenness.
these tears are from
the depths of the
realization of being
broken over my sin.

i now know and
am fully aware of
my separation from Him.
but His blood bridges
the gap that no one else can.
His blood draws me near
and dear and reminds me
it’s a journey.

He forgives.
He forgets.
He covers all.
He draws me near.

and He still loves me.

so very, very much.





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