4 01 2016

i’ve been looking forward
to worship at church
a lot these days.

i used to not care so
much about it.
i never wanted to dig
deeper into my feelings
or allow God to awaken
any part of my heart
that i had chosen to keep
closed off from Him.

oh, but worship now.
i need it.

as i stood there this morning
completely unashamed,
i could care less if anyone saw
i could care less if
anyone else was engaged.
i could care less what
was going on around me.

all i knew is that
my heart wanted Him.
nothing else but Him.
for once,
i could stand there,
raising my hands,
and truly sing those
words out loud,
and know that every
single sentence was
a song for me.
it was a song of praising
Him for who He is.
what He has done
for me.
how He saved me from
no matter what i
thought or felt walking
into that building this morning
when i sang those words
out loud,
it was a direct- speaking
truth to the depths
of my soul.
the part of my heart
that continues to still
while i know truth,
i struggle to believe.
but when i sing it out,
it just changes things
and helps me re-focus.

it’s a choice we have.
we can choose to praise Him
if we feel it or not.
or when life is feeling a bit
out of control.
it’s a choice to choose
to give Him the glory
for carrying us through
our darkest hours.
because we have all been there.
we have all felt hopeless
and felt that we just
might not make it.
but it is actually in our
darkest hours,
that our praise allows for
His Light
to shine through and guide
us back to Him.

don’t wait to praise Him
when you’re set free
and out of your mess.
it is your praise to Him
that will completely
set you free and take you,
save you from that mess.





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