26 12 2015

i was told,
these moments
would come.

being back,
there is this odd
but natural pull
to slip back into
that old skin i
used to wear.

it feels comfortable
and natural
yet miserable.

so i can’t.

no compromises.

so i do what they
i pin myself to
the bed.
i refuse to believe
all the lies screaming
in my head.
i choose to blast
The Truth and allow
it to pierce the heart
and soul.
and as that worship
plays on repeat,
through all the tears,
i choose to believe.

believe that yes,
yes i am changed.
i am made new.
i am His.
i am no longer
a slave.
i am whole.
i am free.
i am growing and

and as my soul
screams and cries
out for Him,
i will cling to the
truth i know.

this too shall pass.
every miserable second
is just another moment
of proven victory
and freedom that He
has already won for me.





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