26 03 2015

how my heart has
been drowning
by the waves of
the stormy seas.

seas of doubt.
seas of regret
and mistakes.
seas of brokenness.
seas of tears.
seas of sorrow
and of complete defeat.

and never in
these dark days,
did i ever choose
to imagine
or believe that Your
waves would come
crashing into
the depths of this
broken heart.

i am drowning.
drowning in the seas
of Your grace.
Your tides of love
keep coming and
going in this endless
ripple effect.

it is overwhelming.
it almost feels
so confusing.

tide after tide,
i am gaining
breath after breath.
as i inhale the
fragrance of Your love,
Your presence
continues to wrap around
my very being.

this is unexplainable
yet tangible.

and oh,
i know very well,
it can be just moments
before the ugly storm
begins to brew again,
determined to wash
Your goodness away.

and as that storm rises,
for i know it will;
i only pray and ask….

Dear Sweet Jesus,
may Your presence
linger just a little bit
even as the waves
from the enemy
come crashing down…
i will allow them to come,
and i will weather the storm,

as long as 
Your presence is known… 

because in Your presence,
i know peace.
i know grace.
i know patience.
and i know

You alone Lord,
you sustain me in
the middle of the chaos.





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