Little Giant.

8 12 2014

I was catching up
on a blog.
A woman who lost
her sweet baby girl
Luca Gold – ‘Goldie’
just 40 hours after
her arrival.

Amanda Cook
( who is one of my favs)
wrote a song for
sweet Goldie.
Goldie’s mama- Christa
posted this song
just three months
after she went to be with
and has asked to share it
with people- because
it is not written only
for her sweet Goldie,
but for all those mamas
who have lost little ones.

And this one line
will make tidal waves
of healing in the hearts
of mothers and fathers-
I must believe it….
all these babies are now
“Giants in the Heavenlies
a little Giant in the Heavenlies”.

And allow the tears to
pour out.
As so many sweet babies
are interceding on behalf
of their parents.
Christa talked about
how she now believes Goldie
is teaching her how to live
with heaven on earth.
That little Goldie is interceding
on her behalf,
for all that Christa and their family
do- now have the sound
of heaven ringing through it all.

And that is hope.
May these words
bring healing to so many
that I love.
Knowing I don’t understand,
but I want to walk with them
as best I can.

Take a listen to the link below.




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