30 11 2014

My friend
my sister,
My sherpa –
the one who has
been so faithfully
guiding and leading
and encouraging
and pushing and
pulling me up this
what seems to be a
never-ending mountain…

I hope to be like you.
To love so selflessly.
To give so graciously.
To encourage so fiercely.
To walk so humbly.
To speak so passionately.
To live so boldly.

And above all else,
I hope to be like you
in the way that you
point yourself,
and everyone else;
back to the One who
matters most.
For it is Him where
you have learned
(and continue to learn) to
and live.

I know I will
never be you.
That is impossible.
And I don’t want to
be another you.
But you have been
a gift to me
to learn from and
to watch from.

I love watching you
be a wife.
So graciously walking
side by side with your
Setting aside your time
and attention to him when
you know he needs it.
Setting those boundaries
that are so
important for a healthy
I love how you tag-team
in ministry and
it is not all left up to
one or the other,
but you work as a team
as best you can.

I love watching you
as a wonderful mama.
You’re not perfect.
You probably don’t always get
it right.
But that home that you
and your husband are building;
it’s beautiful and intentional.
I love how you nurture and
totally protect that sacred place
that is home for you
and importantly for them.
I love how involved you are
with your kiddos.
How you talk to them
and with them.
I love how you involve them
in the things that you do.
I love how you challenge them
and how you absolutely love
and adore them.
I love watching you love them.
That is so important to me
when I watch family interactions.
I am learning so much that I
never received or have known
in my own life.
I love seeing a healthy mom
raise healthy kids.
I love tagging along to
things with you and them
and being able to be a part
‘of a family’ in some regards.
Thank you for making space
for me in between the madness
and rush of life that continues
to constantly sweep you away.

And I love seeing
you be YOU.
I have loved getting
to know you for who
you are,
and not for who people
assume who you are.
I love how ridiculously
goofy and crazy you can be.
I love that you literally
light up with the smallest
your joy radiates from your life.
I love how you constantly
encourage and look for
the positives.
I love your many talents
and gifts,
former and present.
I love your
‘go get ’em!’ attitude.
I love that you are a
strong and bold woman
but so gracious and
so incredibly tender hearted.
I love that you live with
vision and passion.
I love that you strongly
set boundaries and stick to them.
I love that you know your
weak areas and know
how to navigate them.
I love when you’re open
and honest with me
when things aren’t totally
I always need that to
remember you’re totally
not perfect and totally
human like me.
Life is hard and messy
for you too.
I love that you are
witty, intelligent
and also very wise.
Three spectacular things
to have!

I love who you are
to me.
The way you push me.
I love that you bring
a lot of peace into
my crazy mind.
I love the way
you listen to my
rants and raves about
everything and nothing at all.
I love that you listen to the
cyclical problems that go
around and around and
around again and again.
I absolutely love your hugs
(that’s saying something big).
I love your patience.
I love that you have become
the safest place for my heart
to run to.
I love that I can absolutely
trust you with anything
and that you are a sound
board for me to bounce
everything off of (sorry (; )
I love that you haven’t
quit on me or given up;
you’ve only held on tighter.
I love that you see something
greater than I can-
you are holding onto a future
vision of who I am becoming,
and that keeps us moving.
I love that you kick me in
the butt-
yet you let me choose my
own decisions all the time.
I love that you allow me
into your family time-
which I know is one of your
top priorities and I hope to
always respect that.

I love that you are
a special gift to me
and I hope to always
treat you as one;
and to never treat you
as a prize that I have won
and I’ve said that many times
I’m sure.

I constantly pray that
our friendship is never
seasonal, but continues
to grow and grow
throughout the years.
I hope you’re there for
all my new stages and
‘firsts’ that I have yet
to experience.

I obviously love you.
I have the utmost respect
for you.
I absolutely admire you.
And love you even more.





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