Step. One.

3 11 2014

I wrote a post
the other day


about stepping
Stepping from
the darkness and
slipping into the

You could say
my heart has been
in almost turmoil
over this.
Not understanding
why we as Christians,
who have the connection
of the holy spirit
living within,
access to complete
hope and a faith
that can out stand all-
why must we be in hiding?

After many conversations
I found the first step.

The final conclusion
came out of three
different conversations
with three different
groups of people.

WE, cannot DO
I argued with that one.
But we have to do
S O M E T H I N G?!
My friend responded-
Dre, only Jesus can
do the real work.

She could have said
more in our conversation
but that is as far as
my mind went.

I posed this deep
question to another
group of people.
The second part of that
answer came.
Without me realizing.
They told me,
Dre- just love people.
Just do what you can
to love them.
Because no- you cannot
fix anything;
but you can sure love them
exactly where they are at.
Just meet them and love them.

I left a bit more

Then tonight,
The third part of
my answer came.
I didn’t even know I
was really missing this
But it is the perspective
that if you don’t have it
you will go absolutely mad.
You will go crazy trying
to stay afloat.
And that is-

at. a. time.

That’s it.
You change your city,
your school,
your job,
your family….
just one person at a time.
It’s overwhelming to
look at the city of
Canton and ask
how do I change this
What can I possibly
Where do you even start?

One person at a time.


So step one?
Find someone
who needs to be loved.
And do it.
Love them well.
Love them with patience.
Love them with kindness.
Love without envy.
Love with out B O A S T I N G
Love selflessly.
Love respectfully.
Love by dying to yourself.
Love by putting their needs
above your own.
Love again, and
again and again – with patience.
Love with no regrets.





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