Stepping Out.

30 10 2014

Because of
recent events
I have had many
conversations about
questioning why,
we as believers feel
so deeply the need
that we must hide.

I do see that it
was the first thing
Adam and Eve did when
sin came into the world.
I believe it is
a natural part of our
nature to hide
when we are in sin.

Isolation is one
of satan’s greatest tools
to keep us away from
In my life, I know it is
probably one of the
number one things I do
when things start to get
iffy, or I begin to doubt
or question God or
I begin to struggle more
with sin or when I’m
feeling left hurt or exposed.

I have had a few people
share some really deep
and hard struggles as of lately.
Things I had absolutely
no idea about…

How do we move from
going to church and
having these good and deep
truths spoken to us,
still being honest and
saying yes,
we struggle a little here
and there to….
look man- this is invading
my life.
Sin is like this black
oil that has spilled into
our hearts,
and if we don’t take care of it
it begins to start seeping
into the very pores of
our hearts.

I understand we have
all been wounded and let
down by the world and
by the church.
We all have those stories
of how the church could
have been better.
But how do we let go of
those wounds and let down
those walls in order to
create a new community where
safety is a key.
Where we can say- dude I don’t
get what you’re dealing or
struggling with.
I don’t have the answers but
I will listen and I will
sit in your ditch with you
if I have to.
I have written about this

here .

I want to desperately
learn how to be
slow to speak.
Quick to love.
And slow to speak…

Jesus is calling
us out of the darkness
to step into the light.
To step into who HE says
we are.

And sometimes,
we cannot do it alone.
We cannot do it by
our own little strength
that we barely seem to
muster up.
Sometimes we need others
to help speak that
life and courage and strength
into us.
I get tired of doing this
journey alone.
I need people to challenge
me and push me into community
and I want to do the same.
I’m tired of us christians
hiding in our sin and darkness
and walking these roads alone
for fear of shame and rejection
and the weight of guilt that
seems to be paralyzing us…

There has got to be a way
to build an authentic community.
There has got to be a way
to challenge and love and
challenge some more.
To live out the gospel
not in our every day life,
but to our fellow brothers
and sisters in Christ who-
in my opinion-
almost seem to be needing it
more and more these days.





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