29 10 2014

I love when I
see glimpses of
how the church
is supposed to look.

Far too often,
church has become
this place
where we put up
these walls and this
appearance that we
are all nicely put together.
‘Those happy plastic
I grew up in the Bible
I know what it looks like
to have my life put
together and to
not be TOO real.

But this northern
culture is different.
Or maybe it is our
Church is now this
super cool, hip kind
of thing that you
can be a part of.
It’s more acceptable
to be a bit rough
and have some tattoos
of the icthus or
hebrew or whatever
( yes I am as guilty as they come)
but we are ‘cool’.

Our drive is different
than the bible belt-
but also still lacking.

And tonight.


It happened. What
I’ve so been looking for.
A safe place.
Where we can come
together and be real.
I’m talking
R E A L .
Then watching the
holy spirit speak life
into each other.

It was this beautiful
flow of how Jesus
is so gracious and loving
to us.

When we are seeking
Jesus above all,
I think He shows up.
It doesn’t always happen
But I believe He has to
be there.

We still may not have
the answers to our
We still may be paralyzed
with fear.
We still may be heart broken.
We still may be completely
bound by certain things
in our lives…

But in my opinion,
tonight, He showed up.
Through the other broken
His children.
His vessels.
He showed up and
He spoke.

My faith in the church
has been dwindling.
I haven’t gone in almost
8 months,
even then it was only
once a month maybe!
– because I was
tired of showing up
and never feeling like
anyone REALLY knew me
or that I could be raw
and real.

And to be honest,
People still don’t really
know me.
But I see the potential
of that coming alive.
This safe place,
for women to come
and be real.
We all have something
to bring to the table
whether we see it or not.
The more we are
around and speak up,
I hope the more we
can speak life into each other
and grow in community
and as a body.

I’m thankful for
this season.





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