28 10 2014

Child of mine,
beautiful one.
I see every bit
of who you are.
I put together
every fiber that
makes you who
you are.
I created beauty
in your very being,
do you not see?
I built you
with passion and poise.
With gifts and
desires and a
heart that beats fierce
and bravely.
Oh, I know how hard
it is to see me
and to hear the words of
how wonderful you truly
are because of
the experiences you
have had.
I know how distracting
the world can be.
I know how badly the
earth fumes its
death of lies deep
into your lungs.
I know how loud the clamor
of what actually isn’t
beautiful has pierced
your ears.
You have been tied down
to an anchor of
self hatred and the
bomb of self-destruct
has been the only
ticking that your heart
has been able to hear.

And you,
brave young man.
You have weathered
many storms and fallen
into many dark trenches.
For that is what
the world says a man
must do.
Strap up,
be strong.
Carry on.
And you also have
been tailored in
such a unique way;
but have fallen into
the dark lie of what
‘a man must be’.
If only you could see
the beautiful way
I have created man
with such a tender and
strong demeanor;
one that does not have
to lug around the thickest
armor to appear to be
brave and strong.
For that courage comes
from somewhere deep within,
from another source outside
of your own self.

We are but children,
walking blind in
a dark and scary world.
But in each of our
for those who believe
in a Savior,
we have a tiny flame
that is lit in the
very depths of our souls.
It is a tiny glow of hope.
Of knowing, that, that
itty bitty light,
is what will guide
us in this dark place,
this is not our eternal home.
Some flames are brighter
than others,
some are barely just glowing
because the breathe of
the beast is doing all he can
to blow that flame out.
Some are glowing where a
ripple of people are being
ignited and following that
Some are running fast
and far with their flame
glowing ever so brightly.
Some are slowly making
their way, and taking
the time to kindle other
flames, or to help
breathe a flame into
the lives who need the
time to believe in the
same hope as ours.

Our destination is the
The way we get there
and how,
is so incredibly unique
and different.
It doesn’t matter what
your flame looks like,
just don’t let it burn
Even staying around
can help keep our
flame alive.
We need each other
to journey through.

May the One and
only Flame,
whose name can
pierce the darkness-
help us ignite
many flames along the way…





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