23 10 2014

The other night
I was wondering
what the earliest
memory was that
I could remember.

I remember,
just being a babe
laying next to
my biological
brother Cesar…
I remember waking
up, and the bed
was near a window.
I remember his
presence being there,
and the light
peeking in through
the window in
the early morning.
I remember literally
feeling so overtaken,
even at such a baby age
that light could be
so absolutely beautiful.

And that was it.

I smile,
and choose to believe
for that
reason alone;
I am,
a lover of The Light.

I chase it and
seek it
literally, spiritually
and metaphorically speaking.

I always write
about light.
The contrast and
the beauty.

this earliest memory
had its own purpose
to help lead and
guide me through life.
You never know….






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