Dear Light.

30 09 2014

Dear Light

Keep shining
through the darkness.
Keep hope as a
pathway to peace
when the waves of
doubt come crashing in.

Bring forth the
power of your radiance
and the gift of life…
restore the brokenness.
Renew the weary mind
and breathe life into
these dry bones.

Give courage to take
those baby steps to
keep moving forward.
Break the chains
that seem to keep me
tied down.

Forgive me,
of the meaningless affairs
I continue to pursue.
Forgive me,
for never keeping my eyes
on You–
my guide and Savior.

I long for the
black and white
waves of silk to move
and empower my very soul
to awaken to your
love and grace.
Oh, how the weary
tend to stumble about
blind and aimless.
Refusals to your invitations
only cause the heart
to continue turning into
a cold bitter stone
that will be dropped down
into the vast sea of regret
and shame
lost forever;

Until we are yanked to
the surface and remember
to breathe in the true
living waters that brings
the eternity into our hearts.
Forever becomes a heart
that beats strong with joy
and the shouts of victory
pierce the darkness for
He has already won the war.

He has already





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