2 09 2014

Our hearts
weigh heavy,
our souls
live strong.

We trust You;
Creator and Lover
and friend and
gracious God,
we trust that You
know what You
are doing.

Our souls desperately
long for the
other side of heaven.
The eternal side.
we continue on
-this side of heaven-
weak and willing
and longing for more
of You in our lives
and in the world we live in.

As the years pass
my heart gets heavier with
‘adult problems’ versus
the childish problems that
used to plague me.

Now I long for heaven
because it is so painful
watching my friends
wade through the never-ending
sea of grief.
Watching marriages fall apart
and families being destroyed.
Walking with friends who
struggle intensely inwardly,
and have a hard time clinging
to hope,
because they would rather be
with You.

We all do.
We long for your love
and a pain-free life.
But you have asked us
to continue on and
persevere through the pain…

I only want to see
the ones I love,
whole and full of life
and joy;
as well as myself.

May we continue to seek
You as we wander
this earth,
looking heaven-ward
towards our eternal home.
One day,
yes one day
this life would have been
worth it.
Worth all the tears
and sorrow,
only to discover the joy
that is coming.
We would not know how rich
Your love and grace are,
unless we experienced the
greatest aches and pains
while waiting for You
to call us home….





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