27 06 2014

Dear Life-Giver,

I have been dreaming
Of those days where
freedom is so freeing…
where it is something
tangible and beautiful.
Where I will sit
with others who have
walked this journey
alongside me
and we can laugh and
share in the joy and
delight of who You are
and where You have
brought each of our lives.
The faithfulness of
Your love and unending
grace that has been
given on every single
step of the journey.

I have been dreaming
of those days
that seem impossible,
and not a reality
that maybe,
just maybe I can sit
and break bread
with my fellow brothers
and sisters and
be fully there.

Mind and

I have been dreaming
and look forward
to my days of having
a clearer thinking.
A head full of thoughts
and questions about
and not an obsession
about one season.
One struggle.
One person.

I so desperately
and longingly look
forward to the days
after this season.
Days that I hear others
talk about.
Their joy and freedom
is such a gift of hope
for me on my own journey.

The look in their eyes
as they stare into mine
and say
‘It’ll be okay. You’re doing great.
Keep going…. you’re doing great.’
I know they speak from
their own stories.
It’s a reminder for me
that You’ve got me…
I can’t quit now and
even if I do,
You’ve still got me.

I read the other
day about
how you literally
breathed life
and gave Holy Spirit
into man…
the Hebrew word was

Continue to breathe
life into this soul,
wake me from my slumber…





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