15 05 2014

You are one of
the most beautiful
hearts I’ve ever met.

Not just because
of your situation,
but because

You are one
of the most thoughtful
and caring people,
yet so incredibly
funny and have quite
the sense of humor.

Laughing seems to be
a remedy for you… and
if anything,
I know it has
become one for me as
You bring about that
in my world.
You make my life
a little brighter on the
days we spend together.
You bring me so
much joy.
Even if it is to simply
just sit and watch
some amazing
real-life TV. (;

I love how you
create and build
from odds and ends.
I love that you
can see a picture of
the potential in something
I would consider to
just be junk-
yet you make it so beautiful.

I love your
and honesty.
I love that coming
from someone who
feels they have
nothing to give,
I feel like you give
some of the most in
my life.
You help fill me up
and I love that it
isn’t forced or fake.

I love that we
are surely but slowly
making our ways
deeper into each other’s
Protecting ourselves,
yet we are who we are.

I only pray that
our lives continue
to intertwine and
that our hearts
continue to mesh.

I wish I had more
words… I wish I
could write in a poetic
way- how thankful
I am for you and what
I see in you.

But for now,
there are none.
I just know I have
happy and thankful
tears streaming down
as I type,
because I love you so much
and I love being a part
of your days and life.
I love that we fit so well
and that I can trust you.

I am thankful you’re
walking with me
and I am walking with you.

You are becoming
such a sweet sweet
sister-friend of mine.

I love you.
So very deeply,
and I truly think
God brought us

Thank you for
loving me… no matter
what side I show you.

You are so so
very beautiful
and I hope one day
to love and live
as deeply as you do.
To choose to have
the courage and
strength that you do;
because I know it
is rooted in Jesus,
and there’s no better
place to find it….
you choose to live it out
and that my friend,
is courageous and bold….

(tee hee. I pass this
between you and
that baller sister of yours) (;




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