27 03 2014

These days seem a little sweeter… as our little home is getting ready for the arrival of a new babe. I am enjoying soaking in more of The Bee, as an only child, and look forward to seeing how she will be a ‘big sister’ soon. I get a little teary-eyed saying goodbye to this little rhythm we have found. Life seems to flow a little bit easier, and the routine has finally been found, and now we will adjust again. I know I’m not the main caretaker, but I closely live within their schedule, that I feel like I understand part of the parenting sides of needing routine and having to learn to adjust. I’m so happy the last three years I have been living with my sister and her family, and am allowed to watch this season of their lives as they grown their family. I love that I have been a part of Bella’s life since day one, and I now will get to experience that with this new little boy who will be arriving soon. Ryman and Aj, love you guys so much. I’m glad you asked me to move in three years ago even if Ryan thought it was only for 2 or 3 months max…. SURPRISE. (: haha I’m still here. Thank you for allowing me into the space you’ve created for your family and for letting me be so involved in your kids’ lives. It is more than a joy to be here. Bella, you amaze us literally every single day. You my darling, bring this house so much joy. I love soaking in your little individual self. I love how your’e growing and changing and soaking in so much lately. You’re are such a beautiful little girl and I will always be your biggest fan right behind your parents. I love you so much bug. Coen, We anticipate your sweet little arrival. We can’t wait to see what you will look like, and to put a name to your little face. I look forward to seeing who you will be, and the dynamic you will bring to this home. The only thing I *really* hope for, is that you will be a big snuggler; Bella does not do that, and never has. (: Either way, we are so excited for you to join us.

(almost every photo below was taken by my awesome sister Adrienne. She just got her brand new site up and running: check her out!
http://www.adriennegerber.com/             )


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