25 03 2014

Then there are times,
when the last few
months have felt so
intense and non-stop.
When you feel so stuck
and out of whack.
Then you are challenged
to jump head first into
something you have
no idea what you’re doing.
You’re challenged
because you know the one
who challenges you,
sees something in you
that you don’t.

So you listen.

You pray.
You open your hands,
and realize you have
absolutely nothing to give.
And when you see that
your hands are empty,
you raise them up anyway;
and that is when
God can do so much
in and through you
when you hold onto nothing
and stand with your
heart bowed down in complete

There’s something
that He awakens in your
heart that you knew
might have been there,
but it wasn’t so clear before.
Dreams that you dreamt long
that were in a distant memory
or time;
and now are a reality of what
truly awakens your heart.

Through the act of giving
you realize how much you

After all is said and done….
You know that all
that happened,
the encounters you had
were all because of Jesus
that is living in you.

And that is why
it is so important to
have community that
walks closely with you.
Because they can sit back
and watch and know
that Jesus is working
through each of us.
Because without Him,
none of this last weekend
would have been possible.

There was so much joy
in giving of myself and
watching others do the same.
There was joy in being
so close to my friends’
heartbeat for the kids who
they work with every single week.

There is just so much
joy in walking with Christ.

I love reminders like these.

Epic 2014 wasn’t just
for those kids…. it was
an epic movement that
Jesus is starting in my
very own heart….






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