13 03 2014

I have these longings,
almost like that
longing of wanting
to be married.
Or to be off on
my own.
Or to have a family.
Or to have a real
job or some purpose.

For some reason
I had this beautiful
picture stuck
in my head the other day.

Of waking up and
going into a kitchen…
the beautiful golden
sunrise warmly
peeking into this
white kitchen.
Seeing the spring green
quietly sitting
outside the window.
Sitting down at this
dark wooden table
before the rest of
the world is ready
to rise.
I sit with a fresh cup
of hot coffee steaming
slowly as it does
filling up the room
with it’s waking aroma.

And I slip into this
kitchen table chair,
with a baggy teeshirt
and shorts on with
that morning hair
sitting all sloppy on
top of my head.

As I sit at this chair,
I look down at
that little white plate
that is full of those
bright fluffy mix
of yellow and white
eggs with the side
of toast perfectly covered
in strawberry jam.

And before I go
to dig in the Word
for the true
and ultimate daily
bread that we
so desperately need
each day in this life….

I bow my heart
humbly before The
Creator of the earth
and my heart fills
with joy and thanksgiving
to the only One
who can truly
save us
free us
and redeem
all broken

I look forward
to the season of life
where my heart
will breathe in
and whisper freedom
in small and big ways.

The joy in
the simple and mundane
can be so beautiful
when you step back
and choose to see it.





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