Son of David.

6 03 2014

I was reading an
interesting book.
In this book it referenced
the story of the two blind
men sitting outside
the city walls,
and as Jesus walked by,
they called out to Him
and said
“Lord, Jesus, have mercy
on us!”
And Jesus responded by
asking them
“What do you want me
to do for you?”

It is quite obvious
that these men are blind
and want to see-
Yet this book points out
that Jesus knows that,
He just wanted to make sure
that they KNEW what
they wanted to ask for.
They had faith to receive,
but so many times
we want Jesus to come to
our aide, but
we really don’t know how
we need Him.

And I remember about
7 years ago,
a bunch of my college friends
who we had grown up
in the church with,
were having a small worship
and my buddy kept singing
the words over and over…

“Son of David don’t
pass us by….”

Over and over and over….

Sometimes we have to
just dig deep down inside
of ourselves,
to really see,
where do we need Jesus
the most in our lives?
Not like a genie to come
grant us wishes,
but where do we need
the blood that was shed
on the cross to spill onto
those broken areas?
Where do we need
What holes and places
in our hearts do
we need Jesus to fill
because absolutely
nothing else will?

And all we have to
do…. is simply ask.

I’m beginning
a little journey
of digging deep
to simply ask…
where do I need
more of Jesus in my life.





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