3 03 2014

This week,
I have realized
the more baby
steps I take forward,
the more ground
I gain, or maybe
just the more
momentum I get.
And with the more
steps I choose to take
at my own pace,
those steps become
a little bit more
secure in who Jesus is.

And when those steps become
just a little bit
more secure in Him,
and realizing
He is leading and
guiding them;
and that His truth is what
I am choosing to
walk in- despite
my flesh,
well my foundation
that I stand on,
is becoming a little
bit more solid.

Don’t get me wrong,
it’s still pretty
but it’s getting some
substance to it.
I still wander,
or sit down and refuse
to move.
I still get stuck
in the dark and choose
to not look to the light,
but I also now
have people who are
pulling me along,
and point out these times
and can kick me in the
or just sit and wait with
They sit with an incredible
amount of patience,
knowing this is my pace
and my journey for
this season.

Through them,
I get glimpses of
Jesus’ true character.
He has done this for
and He is doing it for me.

It truly is this
beautiful picture
of God extending
grace upon grace
with every step we take
in this life.

Even the steps backwards,
His grace is there
catching us.
He grace is there when
we move forward,
His grace still abounds
when we walk alone
and when we have others
who walk with us.

I am beginning to
that grace is just
simply and absolutely

Thank you Jesus.





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