20 02 2014

“The strongest people 
 are not those 
 who show strength in
  front of us but
 those who win battles
 we know nothing

Today feels like
a funeral for my
I know its just
the layers being
peeled back;
getting rid of the
bad ones
in order to allow
the nourishing ones
to come forth
and breathe.

Even though
in hindsight,
this is a step of
victory and joy-
right now it
just doesn’t feel good.
It is more painful
and feels something
like I’m grieving
in a weird way.

It’s one of those
where I know it’s
good and right
and everything
in me
doesn’t want to
take it,
but I will silently
open my hands
and empty them
as best I can,
of the things that
are not of Him.

The beautiful
sound of surrender
and letting go
in order for me
to lose a little bit
of the burden,
so that I can continue
to step forward.
All while,
whispering to my soul
that yes,
yes this is the way...
it won’t be easy,
but oh, He is so
walking with me…
whispering victory
over every step
I take,
forwards or backwards,
He is constant.
He is fighting.
He is gracious.
He is merciful.
He is freedom.
He is worth it.

Today I am thankful
that I have the words
tattooed on my arm
‘Jesus is enough’ …
Referencing John 10:10

“The thief comes to 
steal kill and destroy.
   I came that they may
have life, and have it





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