10 02 2014

It blows my mind
how sometimes,
God moves in
big, huge, gigantic

He is speaking
He is moving
He is wooing
He is fighting (for us)

All we have to do
is say…. yes.
Yes Jesus-
yes, with my empty
hands held up
wide open.
I hear your voice.
I see you moving
all around me…
It is like… all of
a sudden, you’re real.
I want to be captured
by your wooing.
I see you are turning
tables and destroying
idols in order to
get to my heart.

My ‘word’ for this
year is less.
You can read more
of that here.

I cannot simply
do ‘less’ without
replacing it with

So the flip side
of saying YES
to Jesus…
is saying NO to
the enemy.

Saying no
to the lies we
naturally listen to;
you suck.
You’re a terrible
You are a terrible
Your grades aren’t
good enough.
You could have
done better.
You are a cry baby.
You are always going
to cower in fear.
You are worthless.
You are ugly.
You’re always going
to be stuck here.
You have no talents.
You have nothing
to offer.
No body really cares.
You are a nobody.
You will never get
You are not worthy of love.
You are a terrible
family man.
You suck at leading
your family.
You don’t pray enough.
You are a hypocrite.

There are billions
of lies from my own
life and those around
me that we can think
of so easily that
has our generation
We are choosing the
lies over His truth.

So I begin to
say NO.
No more. I will
fight for truth
and to simply walk
out into freedom.
I say no to being
immobilized by fear of
Thinking that I’m too young
or not smart enough
or that no one will
listen or care.

I say no to
allowing satan to
have ground or any
sort of foothold
in my life.

I say no to
living in a pity-party
because life hasn’t
been kind to me (or any of us)
and I’m not where I
thought I would be.

This isn’t just
a one-time deal.
This is going to be
a constant battle
of fighting, getting
beat up and knocked
down and out,
but of also getting up
again, and putting satan
where he belongs….

“Every time satan reminds
me of my past- 
  I remind him of his future.” 
-Bianca O. (IF:Gathering)

Praying and hoping
that more eyes will
be opened, to realize how
close our freedom is.
How tangible and real
it is… and that we can
begin to say no to
the enemy and all the
ways he holds us down,
and simply say YES
to Jesus… because His
blood is the weapon
of our ultimate victory
and with that,
we have already won…





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