6 02 2014

And it was this
beautiful thing…

This glimpse
into the beauty of
Watching the healing
come through the
words and affirmation
of those who are walking
along the journey
side by side.
Watching the steps
being made.
Watching the face plants.
Watching the big moment
of choosing to get up
in the middle of the fight.
Watching the desire to
be moved by Him.
Sharing in those
deep places of our hearts
and secret places
that have never really been
known before by others…

And we sit here.
We come together,
as sisters… and we
listen, and laugh
and hug and cry
and pray.

But my favorite part,
is how we don’t just
sit by and watch each other
But we speak that growth
into each other.

And in Psalm 18,
it talks about how
the tongue has the power
to speak life
or death.

And we choose life.
We choose to see
those areas that are lies
and we speak against
those lies,
and replace them with the

It is just so beautiful,
to watch it happen to
I usually tend to sit
on the sidelines and watch
these kinds of things,
but not be a part of it.
It freaks me out to be

But tonight,
stepping into the ring,
to fight,
to throw punches
at the lies that another
friend believes and
to replace it with the truth
that I believe in,
knowing that I need
this truth in my own
life; was so
life-giving to me.

Four weeks ago,
God spoke clear as day
“I am relentlessly pursuing you.”

Three weeks ago,
I flatlined.
Satan killed the spiritual life
in me. Completely.
Or so I thought.

One week ago,
God jump-started my heart
again. And I was angry.
I just wanted to flatline
forever. But then I remembered
what He spoke that first week.

And tonight,
He breathed a breathe
of life into my being.
He gave me a glimpse
and reminded me
of what I love… a passion
that I found years ago while
laying heart bent,
in the red dirt of Africa.

God is working
and moving.
It is hard to see in
your life sometimes,
but when you do-
bring it before your
community because
they are the ones who
come alongside you,
and help continue to
speak life into those things
and moments and that
help you grow.

It’s beautiful when
the body,
as broken and desperate
for Jesus as we are;
we can be those completely
free, gracious and
amazing extensions of
Jesus’ love to others…


A log that was in a fire,
when taken out  and
thrown off to the side- cannot
withstand the flame alone.
It needs to be burned with
the others in order to keep
the flame…




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