4 02 2014

And sometimes,
you have to be
incredibly intentional.

Sometimes you call
someone and show up
at their house
because you’re in the middle
of the chaos and you need
someone to bring you
back to reality with truth,
before you do something stupid.

Sometimes it’s hanging
out with an almost 2 year old
for the day, even though
you’re exhausted and feel like
an emotional wreck,
but somehow that tiny human
can bring so much joy and delight.

Sometimes it’s sitting around
a dinner table with a family
you know loves you,
no matter how long it’s been
since you’ve exchanged words
or shared your life with them.
Listening to their kids
and watching them interact
in its own way can bring you back.

Sometimes it’s sitting
completely alone,
when you’d rather be out
and about to numb the crazy,
but maybe just simply
sitting still and not moving
is actually what you need.

I’m just really intentional
in what I do.
And a lot of times,
I’m not.
But maybe reaping the
benefits of when I do,
not only keeps me safe,
but it allows for those walls
to come down just
a teeny-tiny bit….

it’s just another
baby step forward.





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