29 01 2014

I sat across from
a dear friend.
I watched her
beautiful heart
As she spilled the
heartache of hopes
and dreams hitting
the floor,
and crashing
it made me sad.
I sat and listened,
and really listened.

A lot of me
wanted to throw
out those stupid
christian things like
‘it’s okay… God has
a plan in the middle
of all this.’
‘God has a purpose,
this might not have
been it.’
‘Something better is
in store for you.’

But I didn’t.
Because I don’t always
believe in those things.
I don’t know if I always
trust that God is
holding us.

Gravity sometimes seems
a bit stronger.

But she knows
those truths.
In the middle of the
she spoke those truths
aloud and
I applaud that.
Even though,
I wasn’t convinced
she meant it,
she still believed it.

When you believe
it is more powerful.
When you believe
in something,
you allow hope
to seep in
even if it is just
a tiny bit-
and it lingers around
for just a bit longer.

We both feel
unsettled in life.
Not where we would
like to be.
We both are kind of
dreaming and wanting
We both love Jesus,
but sometimes,
it just seems to get
complicated and
being a follower of
Christ just doesn’t make
But at the end of the day,
no matter what.
We have a hope that
a lot of others don’t.
And we can choose
whether or not
we want to cling to that.
that hope is evident.
It seeps out of
our being…
and sometimes,
you gotta cling to it
for dear life.

But hope is there
my friend.
He loves us,
and no matter
the circumstances
and what life tends
to throw our way,
He is pursuing us.
He does have the best
for us,
even though sometimes
we don’t feel like it.

And the beautiful
thing about our
hope in Jesus is
we can still be sad.
We can still mourn
our dreams that fall
apart right in front
of our eyes
and he’s not afraid
of it.
It is okay to be hurt
or to mourn some
of life’s heartaches
because at the end
of the day,
we still have hope
in Jesus……
that withstands
any of our shattered dreams.





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