8 01 2014

I tend to look
at the journey as
where I am,
and where I
have to
or need to be.

There are too many
and far too much
of a process between
and those places.

“Wherever you are,
        be all there.” -Jim Elliot

It seems hard to
be fully here
when here is painful.
When I’m trying to get
away from here.

But we have to walk
through it,
to get there.

I know if God magically
moved me
from here to there
or to where I want to be
or to where He
has planned for me,
the process and
lessons probably won’t
be so profound.
His grace and mercy
wouldn’t be so evident.
I wouldn’t cling to
Him as much,
I’d just try and pretend
He was more like
my little genie.

So I’m thankful
for the process…
the baby steps,
the many steps backwards…
I’m thankful for
the grace people are
and the love and patience
that is trying to be shown.
I love the truths that
are trying to find
their way into the core
of who I am….

This isn’t a beautiful time
but all will be
beautiful in His timing….

And today,
I had one of those
moments of hope.
A human-form kind of
Where I could
connect and
relate to their story.

And that,
is HIS grace that
He extends.
Not because I deserve it,
but it could be
so very possible,
that He just might love me
that much…..





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