El Roi.

3 01 2014

And He will make
all things beautiful
in His timing.

Or rather,
everything already is
just so beautiful,
we have to adjust
our focus.
We have to shift our
perspective and
gain vision
to see the beauty.

In His presence
healing will come.
In the deep dark
of the night;
when the quiet seems
so overwhelming
and almost unbearable
to the soul that
longs for freedom
and joy-
for life and purpose

Oh child,
He will show up.
Even there in the
Darkness his presence
is full.
For He is El Roi
the God who sees.
He sees and knows
every tiny detail
of how you are wired
and the roads you
have wandered.
He knows those deserts
full of delusions and
the scorching heat.
He knows the sinful
forests you lose
yourself in.
He knows the springs
of joy and those
seasons of healing rain
that have washed your
soul clean
time and time and time
and time again.
He has carried you
so far-

and it is time for you
to get up and
to continue to walk.

To stand up.
Get moving.
Every single step
of the way,
He will be there.

Remembering brings
revival to your own heart,
look back;
all those things He has so
gently and graciously
pulled you through,
He will continue to do
it again and again….

Don’t listen to the
voice of doubt,
it just delays the journey.
Just trust.
And Seek.
And trust some more…

He sees you.
He sees you.
Oh, child
He so sees





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