2 01 2014

As I talk more and
more with others,
I see this strong
need of needing
to illuminate the
light in the midst
of the darkness.

But illuminating
is not something we
but rather something
we are.

In this season of
it seems complicated
and dark and there
are so many spiritual
things going on,
and the waging war
for my heart is
big right now.

I have a friend whom
I love so much.
Every time I get together
with her,
I feel peace.
It isn’t because she doesn’t
speak or doesn’t
do stuff,
she simply walks in

Maybe it is because she
has been here,
and knows what it feels
like to walk in
this type of skin
this type of season.

And she has chosen
to walk out of that skin
and to put on a different
kind of skin;
a skin that illuminates in the
darkness because of
the truth that she carries
in her heart.

When I sit there
and feel that it couldn’t
get any darker or
all she does is simply
and gently come,
and sit with me
in the darkness…
and all of a sudden,
that dark place doesn’t
seem so dark and so
It doesn’t seem so impossible.

It is when I’m alone
that it feels SO dark
and SO impossible
and SO lonely.
Because that’s what
the enemy does.
He speaks SO loudly
in the darkness,
but when the light comes
he literally has to
When the name
is spoken,
he flees just like that.
Because the enemy is
sneaky and dark
but he also disappears
when truth pierces
those places…

we are children of
The Light.
We carry light
within us.
Sometimes we run
from people’s pain
because we don’t know
what to say or do.
We don’t want to step on
toes or hurt them,
because they’re already
experiencing pain.

And we have to
understand that we
don’t have to!
We just have to sit
in those trenches
with them….
when we soak in the
truth and light,
it simply radiates
out of us.

It is just hard
getting to a point.
We see truth
we hear it
but do we believe it.
In the middle of our
storms and trials
do we truly believe it?

I want to live
a life that radiates
truth and that
brings light and life
into other’s dark
Because I want to show
them that life can
still be hard,
yet totally hopeful when
truth and light
find its way into those places.

Even if they’re going
through SUPER crappy
things, I never want to
throw out sugar-coated
I just want to be a little
night-light in the midst
of the darkness.
If for anything,
just so they don’t feel alone.
I don’t have to understand
or say anything or
do anything, I just
want to be a human-form
of hope……

*cheers to 2014
illuminating light into the darkness….





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