31 12 2013

The other day,
I saw the picture
of Moses in the old
testament; at least I
think it was Moses…

The battle raging
all around him.
He’s weak and tired
and that staff needed
to be held high,
for victory was literally
in his hands.
But even Moses got tired
of fighting.

And Moses
had people who could
recognize not only the
battle around them
but the battle within.
And those people came
and held up his arms
until victory was theirs.
Even though victory
was known and visible
through that staff
held high in the air-
community had to be there.
He had to have people
step in the gap of
where he was lacking.

And we do too.
When life feels unbearable
when those hard days
come like an avalanche
without warning…
when the chaos unleashes
or even when the dark
seems to swallow you whole…
we need people who
choose to step into those
big moments of the battle
of our lives;

Who speak love and peace
and victory over those
Who hold up that staff and
say I got you! I am fighting
with and FOR YOU…
because you are worth it
my dear. 
You are worth every heartache
and tear and every
painful wound that has
been ripped open.
You are worth getting in
the trenches for and
going against the enemy
because victory is already ours.
We have that promise
we just have to fight through
it and walk it out.
But it is so hard to do it

When we are alone
is when those lies
come in like a flood.
When we feel unvalued
and worthless.
When we begin to doubt
our identity; and some of us
don’t even know
what our identity looks like.

But that’s when community
comes in with their
piercing truth and speak
it directly into you
and hold your arms up
and remind you to keep
Keep going, because victory
hasn’t quite come just yet
but it will.
They fight off those lies
and the enemy with
the truths that they’ve
learned from their own

The spiritual battle
is becoming a more
and more evident
thing to me.
In my life and in
the lives around me.
I see it.
I feel it.
I’m fighting in it.
And I have people who
are fighting FOR me
but also WITH me.

Everything is in His
While I do not understand
it fully,
I am glad that it is here
in this tiny town
with these people
that I’m fighting with.
I want to fight with and
for them as well.
I want to go down in their
trenches and speak truth
into their battles…

And the most beautiful 
thing about our battles,
is that it has absolutely
nothing to do with us.
Fighting with someone
and for someone is a freaking
front row ticket
to watching God move.

If you don’t have the time
or patience to jump
in the trenches with some
people who are walking
out their healing or
walking through whatever
crazy crap life brings to each
of us….

Well you’re missing God
in action.
Because when that person comes
out on the other side.
When that person realizes
what victory truly sees and
tastes like
my oh my will it be beautiful.
And those nights of grief
and anguish and those
nights full of tears and sorrow
will be so worth the
shouts of joy and the
victory that will be shared
after they’ve fought through it!

I know the Lord
has put a fighting spirit
in me…
It has always been a part
of who I am,
as dumb as it sounds,
but I can’t wait to
continue to walk through this
and to walk with others
because it’s a testimony
of God’s goodness and grace
and evidence in our lives.

“The promise of
Your coming light
It burns so brightly
in my mind
All creation groans
and waits for
the dawning of
that day

He will come riding
on the clouds
with justice in His heart
and a sword upon his side
And all will see
the glory of This Man
with fire in His eyes
jealous for His bride

And He’s faithful to
the end
He’s faithful to
my heart
He’s faithful to
the end
He will come and
marry me…
Glory to the
righteous one
Glory to the
righteous one”
(Corey Asbury)





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