30 12 2013

And years later
those letters are
deeply buried
either in a book
or a box.
But most importantly
and unfortunately
they got buried deep
in my heart.
Those words find
their way to the
surface of who
I am;

and I become undone
all over again…..

They pierced so
and left a hole so
deep that I don’t
even believe it
will ever be filled.

I’ve never known
fully what your
tender shoulders
have had to carry;
but I do know what
mine have carried.
And we’ve only
carried the weight of
our own world
stumbling and falling
blindly in the dark.
Trying to make our
own ways
trying to grow into
our own being.
Always walking against
the wind
and  trying to be so strong.
Trying to believe
that the skin we walk
in is good and true
even through all the
heartache and pain
that has been done
to us
through us
and around us.

I still hope to
have closure.
I still hope for
piercing truth.
I still hope for
redemptions song.
I still hope for
I still hope for
unity not just in
our bodies
but in the hearts
of all those who
were undone…..

Hope means
I haven’t given up.
Hope means
I’m still hurting
and walking through this.
And hope means
that this isn’t finished
just yet.


lets step into the light




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