2 12 2013

Canton, Ohio-

You are this tiny
pocket in this
great big world.
How I landed here
is only by a few
crazy and random
and a sister who
loves me enough
to want to live life

We had no idea
what that would
look like
and how all would play
I barely felt like
we even knew
each other honestly.

But oh,
how I am creating
my own tiny
pocket of love
in this bigger pocket
of a city.

I am beginning
to find my space
where I love and
play and sleep
and work
and live.
The people I am
beginning to find,
I had no idea
so many absolutely
amazing and life-giving
people could live in
one tiny place.

Seeing the beauty of
life flowing
in and around me
through others
to others
and back to themselves
is a gift.
Something I have
never experienced before.
Not like this.

I love that in this
tiny pocket of a city,
I am finding
raw and genuine
hearts like mine.
Who have no idea
the answers to most
but we’re searching
and loving and broken
all in one.
We are trying and fighting
and giving and enjoying
and soaking in
the way fellowship is
meant to be.

We have bumps
and potholes in the road
but we’re willing
to work through them
and not dodge them
and leave them.

We are a pocket of
people living and
learning and extending
grace and forgiveness.

We are a pocket of people
who have had walls built
high and deep and wide
but learning to let
those walls down,
and our pockets are
seeping into each other’s

After two years
of feeling so lonely
and lost
I am finding my
pocket of safety.
A pocket of community
and family.
A pocket of giving and

We are beginning to
balance out…
It isn’t a whole bunch
of one-sided relationships…
I finally feel like
I might be giving back,
because I want to so badly.

Thank you Canton,
and these pocket people
taking me as I am.
And I am so gladly to
bring you close into my
life and take you as you are.
As we are.
A broken people,
seeking Jesus and love
and healing and
only to continue to give that
back to the other
pockets of people
who are around us.

We are building this
beautiful community
and getting strong
and getting vision
and learning our gifts
and places and spaces
and we are getting ready…
to pour out to those
around us.

To those who also need
and purpose.
And love
and most importantly

Who provides all the
above and so
so so so much more….





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