20 11 2013

how I wish there were
more than
twenty-six letters
in the alphabet to
tell you how much
I love and adore you.

I am blown away,
how much I continue
to fall in love with you
every. single. day.

Right now,
when you wake up
you are one of the
happiest people I
have ever come in contact
Just as we slowly turn
the knob
and that squeaky door
your face lights up
with the happiest of glows.
You squeal with this
delight and excitement.
I love how you
are always holding
Ellie in your arm,
and you give Ellie
to us and we give you
both hugs and kisses.
And your kisses in return
are the sweetest.
I love how you rock
and jump and grunt
and go absolutely crazy
in your crib as your
mama sits in that plumb
chair across from you
just watching.

I love crawling into your
crib in the mornings
and stealing that morning
But the moment your mama
or daddy walk in that
room, you share that
delight with even more joy
and excitement.

Right now,
everyone is still
mamamamamama to you.
Daddy makes it in there
every once in a while. (;

we continue to fall in
love with you.
I love having this season
of watching you grow
into your own little being.
Even with this season
of you constantly growing
and changing,
I hope we can stay in these
The here and now ones.

We are so eager to see you
walk and run
and imagine and play.
But I don’t want to forget
this time,
with you being you,
and taking your time to
move into those seasons.
I hope you never feel
that we are comparing you
with all the other
little ones your age.
For you are all growing and
changing to your own beat.
I love that you choose
not to walk right now.
You waited to roll over.
You waited to crawl.
You know when you’ll be

You are like your daddy
in the way you choose.
You think,
you wait and you study
before you actually do something.
But then we see glimpses of
your pretty mama and you
take risks when
there aren’t all those eyes watching.
It’s this beautiful mix
of Gerber and Mickler
and we can catch
these glimpses of each of
them in you,
but you are still you.
And you are your own.
You are constantly changing
between the two,
and it is such a beautiful
thing to see.

I love your little laugh.
It is amazing.
I love your bright blue
and those absolutely adorable
teeth that you have.
I love your arms and legs
and that the baby fat is
still there.
I love your little hair
and those cute
pigtails we can make.
I love that you always
pull them out,
and would rather have
your hair in your face.

This season is showing
us that there is always
more patience for us to draw
out of ourselves.
And always more love
and joy that seems to
constantly find its way into
our home.
You are this crazy
precious challenge.
Even though I am not
your main caretaker,
I love that I get to witness
firsthand the details
of your life.
The details of who
you are
and how you are changing.
I get to witness the
joy and love that your
parents are pouring into
you and can remind
you in those days later down
the road when you might
not see it.
I get to witness
the life you have brought
into our home
and how you continue
to have your parents dream.
I am witnessing so many
I get to see so much
of Bella,
that most people don’t
because you can be
so shy and quiet,
but you are this wild ball
of energy in the
safe haven of your home.
You feel free
to be your own self,
and I love it.

You will always know
where home is.
In the arms of your
sweet Mama and Daddy,
and even in the arms
of your crazy Auntie…

You will always
be my favorite little Bee….

I love you so.


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