18 09 2013

All cliches aside,
God really does work
in His timing.

The seasons change,
time comes and goes
people wade in and
out of my life.
And how I love and miss
so many people
and wish that some
seasons lasted forever;
but He ultimately knows
what He is doing.

As I drove home
this evening,
fall is approaching in
the North.
The cool mornings
the warm afternoons
and the crisp evenings
are here.
The joy in seeing the trees
change their colors
and the vibrant colors
are beginning to peak
and illuminate the land.

There is this odd joy
and sense that my heart
is in this same process.
These things are beginning
to illuminate.
A season is closing
and a new one is beginning.
Time is continuing to move
and I am finally ready
to get up and move with it.
To stop holding myself
To face the fears that have
held me down for too
long to even know
what is even there anymore.

New beginnings are always
so sweet.
I feel like I can breathe in
all this new stuff
and I want to breathe it in
long and deep;
I want my heart to know
and feel and believe
in the goodness that He
is ultimately providing.

No matter whether I
deserve it or not.
No matter whether I can
return it or not.
No matter anything…

I will soak in this
goodness while I have it.
So I can build an alter
in this moment;
to look back and remember
‘Oh, yes… in that season
of changing and growing,
I knew full well the goodness
of His provision… and it came
at the most perfect time…’





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