1 06 2013

Yes you.

I think you know
who you are.
I hope you do.

I think about the time
we had,
our season of friendship
and the memories we made.
I think about our conversations
and fun things we did.
I look back at how
everything was perceived,
and how we didn’t know
what was about to unfold.
The chaos that would
and the pain that would
come forth.
We didn’t know the words
that would be spoken
and the things that were
left unsaid,
for too long.

We have made a lot of
mistakes together,
and yes they were
And that is what
happens when we let
sin leech on us
for longer than it should.
It sucks the truth out
of our veins and
makes our path unclear.
We lose sight
but we have a choice
whether we want to turn

I am in the middle of
and I hope one day
you will choose the same.
I know its all confusing
and complicated
because honestly,
I feel like what in life isn’t?
There are always questions
and directions
choices and chances.
There will always be heartache
and pain,
joys and restoration.

You’ve been through
the mud my friend….
the leeches have stuck
too long,
and I see how the spirit of
life has literally and almost
completely drained from
your heart.

I won’t be able to
bring you back.
I won’t be able to
fix you or really answer
the deeper questions.
I cannot even do it for myself,
but Jesus can.
I know it’s cliche, and
if you ever read this,
you’ll roll your eyes
and huff and puff.

But deep down,
I know you know it. 
There’s no denying it
my friend.

Until you make that choice,
and until you even take
one baby step
towards Him,
You just will never fully know.

Your biggest fear was
that you would waste your life…
do not become your
self-fulfilling prophecy.

“If you string together
      enough wasted moments,
You get a wasted life.”

“He who began a work in you
will Himself bring to completion
on the day of Christ Jesus.” Phil 1:6

^^^ HE DID begin a work in you,
and I do believe He will never stop
pursuing or wooing you. Even when
you try to ignore it, there never is
ignoring the Creator of the Universe.




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