5 05 2013

Do you ever feel
those moments.

the ones that make your
skin burn,
and stretch and sting.
The ones that make
the rawness of your heart
and flesh feel
so magnified.
The moments
where those hot tears begin
to well up
and you’re glad you’re
outside in the dark
with the dim light
of a fire burning
and no one can see
the silent tears that
want to fall.

Those moments where
your insecurities have
risen to the surface,
and the realization that
you really have little
to no self-confidence,
you feel like everyone
can see it on you.

Those moments where
you wish you could say
But if anyone would have seen
or were to have asked,
they would not understand
because sometimes,
these moments are sewn
deep within your being;
that even you cannot
find the words to adequately
express what is going on.

I am intertwined
within this paradox of life.
We all are
in our own ways.
And it’s good
it’s hard and it’s
scary and it’s

And you get to share and
experience moments like these
alongside moments
that are breath-taking and
Moments that are sheer joy,
there are no words to describe
Moments of deep gratitude and
Moments of awestruck wonder
and those ‘light-bulb’ moments.

Life is full of moments,
And it is because of them
I remember my heart is alive.
Whether painful or good,
they remind me I am a
living breathing soul,
discovering more and more.
I will soak in and breathe in
these moments no matter
how painful or beautiful.

These moments I string
will one day help me
see the person I have grown
to be.
So I will not waste

I will take,
soak them in,
and learn from them
no matter how painful
it might feel…

because they are






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