25 04 2013

And the season of
spring moves me
in a fresh way.
There’s a rhythm to
spring that awakens our
hearts and souls.
It reminds us of
the growth of beautiful
flowers, stopping to
smell and look deeply
into all the beautiful
buds that are growing.
It reminds us to look up
at the big blue sky
with white fluffies
all around,
outstretch our arms
and just smile as we
embrace the sun’s rays.

Spring means
waking up with
windows open,
the birds a’chirpin.
The quiet morning,
gently nudging me
to rise for the day.
The smell of spring,
fresh to my lungs.

Spring is for movement.
For the cyclist,
the runners
the walkers
and power-walkers.

Spring is for
laying in an 8ft kiddy pool
in the backyard.
It is for friends with kids,
and taking them to the park
and on walks
and hikes through the trees.
Taking them out for
ice cream and
iced coffee dates.

Spring is for laying
in the grass with
sunglasses on,
a book in hand,
in the middle of a green field,
and remembering
how beautiful it is;
to quiet the heart
and soak in the words
and heartbeats of
another person’s soul.

Spring is for eating all
dinner meals outside.
Enjoying conversations with
family and friends that are
always best at meal time
and they’re best outside
with a fire and as the
sun speaks to us,
that the long day is over.

Spring is
for camping trips.
For hanging out with
nalgene holdin’
kind of friends.
Slingin’ our hammocks
up and soaking in
the beauty of rest.

Spring is for
sitting on rooftops
day or night.
Either soaking in the
rays of sun,
that warm my soul
or gazing underneath
a blanket of stars
that take my breathe
away with these eyes
that wander up
looking into the deep
dark night with
bright lights that
twinkle and remind
me that I am alive,
and breathing
and remembering Beauty.
His beauty.

Spring is for
falling asleep
with the windows
still open;
listening to the
crickets singing
their lullaby
and the cool breeze
calming my mind,
and helping me
shut down from the day.

Spring can be
a renewal kind of season.
It isn’t always beautiful
and perfect and
full of fun,
but I sure do love these days….





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25 04 2013


On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 10:01 PM, Talitha Koum

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