The Bee

14 04 2013

Bella Joy,

My precious Bee-bug…
I love you
I’m not even your mom or dad,
(who are quite amazing and
so head over heels in love
with you sweetie)
and I literally fall in love with
you all over again,
every time I look at you.
You have this precious joy
and innocence that is pure
and lovely.

I’m so honored,
to have held you hours
after you were born
into this world…

Joy truly is a gift that you
You have brought so
much joy and laughter
into our home.
(Your parents were kind of
boring before, jus’ sayin’ (:   )
I love knowing these
little details about you and
your personality that others don’t.
I love how your face
absolutely lights up
when your mama walks in.
It seriously does not light up
like that with anyone else.
I love watching your daddy hold
you and seeing that tender side
of him come out.
He sticks up for you when your
mom and I pick on you in funny
little ways (;
You have your daddy’s heart wrapped
around your tiny finger, little girl.
I love how much you squeal,
and how you laugh at yourself
all the time.
I love how chubby and adorable
you are, and how hard it is
to find anything to fit you,
because you are nothing less
than this bundle of beauty and joy
all intermingled together,
it’s so amazing.
I love those two front teeth
that stick out, and how another
is growing in.
I love watching you inhale your food,
you sure won’t be a picky eater.
Beets Bella? Who the heck likes BEETS
of all things???
I love telling you before every nap
and bed-time
“Nighty-noodle, little poodle”.
I love telling you how much I love you
and how beautiful you truly are.

Bella, you were born into a family
who adores you more than
You have changed their lives,
and all your extended families
lives as well.
Never doubt how loved you are,
by ALL your aunties and uncles
on both sides.
Never doubt that God created you
to do wonderful things.
I pray your love for Jesus,
just grows and grows as you
get older.
I pray that you choose to follow
him, and for the beautiful
young woman you will grow
up to be.
I pray you know and understand,
that you can never mess up too much
for us.
Your family will always be
so in love with you and will be
there to walk with you
in life.
Because it will be hard at times
my dear,
but we will forever love you.
Right behind your mom and dad,
I am your biggest fan.
Being here the first year of your life,
has changed me.
It has taught me to love
deeper than I knew was possible.
To fall in love at first sight,
with you and all your beautiful
little cousins who are just
as amazing.

I am proud to be your
Auntie Craycray,
and I hope you know how much
you are loved by me,
and all of us….

photo-12 photo-6 IMG_1214
20120811-110051.jpgIMG_7510IMG_7705IMG_5549 IMG_5188IMG_6543 IMG_5701 IMG_5904 IMG_5152 IMG_5143




2 responses

15 04 2013


On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 1:58 PM, Talitha Koum

16 04 2013

beautiful poem andrea, she will treasure it always im sure!

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